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Board Member Emeritus - Tiffany Trusty

Tiffany Trusty

Tiffany Trusty 
Tiffany Trusty has always been obsessed with tech! She was one of the first women accepted to Rose-Hulman and the 2nd to graduate from the previously all male, #1 in it’s class engineering school.  After college, she began her 16 year career with Motorola. Through the years she got to experience every angle of software engineering from the king of software quality: effort estimations, writing requirements, design documents, implementing the code, unit testing, system testing, automated testing, and maintenance. She also got to experience several areas of leadership: process lead, security training lead, team lead, and project manager. After 10 years, she was moved up to the senior architects group where she honed my skills in Product Security and served as the Information Assurance specialist for her product line.

While at Motorola, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and maintained a small entrepreneurship spark through her website development company. Through her own company, she was able to keep her coding skills sharp in a time when her primary job required many high level documents and oh so many meetings.

After leaving Motorola, she immediately learned Android and wrote an extremely complex, custom app for REDUX. This app currently resides in hundreds of Verizon stores nationwide. Android is fun, but MAN does it move fast?!

After freelancing for a few years, she got lonely and started to look for a new home in Indianapolis. She had heard Scott Jones speak about his vision for Eleven Fifty Academy and just fell in love with the concept. Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit coding academy that teaches the most relevant and up-to-date coding coursework, through immersive learning, to those interested in becoming a first time coder, making a career change to become a coder, or skilling up in their current coding role. She shook Mr. Jones’ hand and said, “This is beautiful, I’ll be back”. Months later, Eleven Fifty announced a for-profit arm called Eleven Fifty Consulting. she literally walked into the Eleven Fifty mansion and said, “I belong here, who should I talk to about getting hired?”. Luckily, they needed an Android and Test House Lead! Her favorite part of this position was mentoring the new Academy graduates, the Apprentices. Watching these new coders grow and learn the whole SDLC and software business world was soooooo rewarding! She also jumped over to the Academy to teach the junior & advanced Android Courses.

After a year with the consulting firm, they decided to move the Apprentices to the non-profit Academy side and she HAD to go with them! As the Director of Apprentices for Eleven Fifty Academy, she developed her own custom curriculum geared towards bridging the student->employee knowledge gap, then helped them land their first real tech jobs. Eleven Fifty also gives her a chance to participate in many STEM outreach activities and affords her the opportunity to interact with brilliant entrepreneurs every day!

After the apprenticeship model at Eleven Fifty Academy changed, her role as a full-time director morphed into a lesser role at the Academy. She still have a tile, “Senior Technical Advisor”, she still evangelizes the Academy in her public speaking opportunities, and she still gets to teach her curriculum in their Accelerated Learning Tracks. But the rest of her days are filled with consulting for her own firm, Trusty Applications, LLC.

She’s always supporting the Women in STEM initiative, especially when it comes to the next generation of nerdy girls. She’s been on the board with Women & Hi Tech since 2011, first as their Communications officer, then as their Technology officer, and now Emeritus. She is also a member of the National Center for Women in IT Affinity Group Alliance. She greatly enjoy donating her time and energy to their Aspirations in Computing Awards that encourages middle school / high school girls to pursue a career in tech. She’s has also spoken at many events and conferences including the 2016 Indiana Conference for Women, the Developer’s Workshop Conference, the Rose-Hulman “Make It Happen” club, Conner Prairie’s Passport To Hi-Tech event, and many more. She loves sharing her personal journey with young nerdy girls and professionals so that young and old alike can know what it’s like to be a women in tech.

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