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Member Profile: Rebecca Bormann

03/24/2023 2:30 PM | Anonymous

Women & Hi Tech couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch up with Board Member Emeritus Rebecca Bormann and learn about her new consulting business. “For the past few years I’ve been asked by different women’s groups to come talk about business development, sales, and personal branding best practices,” Rebecca explained. “The time was right for me to put this message at the center of my life and my career, so I made the leap to start Rebecca Bormann Consulting, LLC.”

Rebecca shared a story of how this move was affirmed right away through big and small connections. “I met someone at a power lunch who is a business development representative, but she said right away ‘I’m not in sales like that!’ This put in perspective for me how I want to help people change their mindset that being in sales is not a bad thing. It’s the service of finding your ‘yes.’ Which is the ideal client your product/service/solution serves and provides value to. Kind of like match making or connecting people and solutions that go together.” Rebecca’s mission is to help people be confident they are bringing worth and their authentic selves in their conversations and relationships, as well as empowering them with strategies and tools. “Advanced selling tactics won’t change the game for someone who doesn’t have foundational skills like confidence, the right mindset about money, and a strong sense of their personal why.”

Rebecca recently announced a consulting partnership with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, one of the many local organizations she shares her time and talent with. Women & Hi Tech is also happy she has chosen to continue her involvement with our K-12 Outreach Committee. “I am so passionate about focusing on empowering and inspiring girls to be what they want to be,” she explained.

Rebecca stepped in as our interim Leading Light Awards director to plan the 2022 Leading Light Awards, which was a historic evening for Women & Hi Tech. We gave away the most scholarship dollars in our history and also had one of the best-attended evenings ever. In part, this success was thanks to Rebecca’s “lessons learned” from leading our 2020 LLA’s as our President at the time. “It’s great we get to give shine to so many women with diverse backgrounds in STEM. Whether they’re a rising star or have been changing the landscape for three decades, a diverse group of women and men come together to support, cheer on, recognize, and pave the way for the future.”

Rebecca repeated our shared amazement at the support we receive from businesses of all sizes, from big organizations to diverse-owned small businesses and even solopreneurs. “They all show up to support in sponsorships, and scholarships/grants and came out full force with their teams to support students,” Rebecca celebrated. “It’s an event which leaves me with a feeling of hope, and that while there’s work to do change is happening now.”

Rebecca was gracious to share a few more of the organizations she has become involved with. She has joined the advisory board for Boss Babe Network, an organization focused on supporting, promoting, and empowering professional women. “It’s a great place to get tapped into and I’m so proud to be helping them with event planning and growth strategies.”

She has also joined the advisory board for Shift Up Now, a foundation started by Indy Car driver Pippa Mann to help address the underfunding of women in motorsports worldwide.

After being part of The Startup Ladies for many years as an investing member, Rebecca has become one of their program ambassadors. “This means helping them make connections so more women and diverse people can scale their businesses. The Startup Ladies provides founders with different resources, connections, and funding opportunities.”

As Rebecca became concerned about women’s rights in Indiana she also joined the outreach committee for Women4Change, learning more about issues like pay equity, maternal mortality, and voter access.

Keep up with Rebecca and her many activities through the Rebecca Bormann Consulting social media channels:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088045455641

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rbconsultingbizdev-sales/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rb_bizdevconsulting/

If you’re interested in receiving information/resources on business development, relationship building best practices and sales trends Rebecca welcomes you to subscribe to RB Consulting emails at www.rbormannconsulting.com.

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