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Inaugural Multicultural Celebration: Our Return to In-Person Events!

05/17/2021 10:44 AM | Deleted user

Women & Hi Tech is thrilled to share that June 9, 2021 marks our slow return to hosting in-person events for Indiana’s STEM community. Our inaugural Multicultural Celebration will be held at the Indiana State Museum from 6-10 pm (EST). What should be expected from this event, and why do we intend to host it biennially or every other year? Let’s explore more of the story.

Why a Multicultural Celebration?

The idea for this event was conceived before the pandemic, when the leadership of Women & Hi Tech was gathered to debrief after the board completed the Interrupting Racism for Our Child training by Child Advocates of Indiana. We discussed the amazing-yet-uncelebrated diversity in the collective body of women in STEM in this state and specifically, Indianapolis, including Women & Hi Tech’s own membership. We conceived of an event that would elevate and celebrate the uniqueness, authenticity, and individuality that each of us brings to the table.

Then, the pandemic hit.  Facing uncertainty, the Women & Hi Tech committee kept planning, knowing that one day this event would be realized. The incidents of 2020 only served to illuminate and make more painfully clear the inequity and divisiveness that manifests due to a lack of appreciation for diversity and multicultural people and perspectives in America. So, we announced and organized this event knowing that it is likely needed now more than ever.  

“The beauty of diversity and multiculturalism is allowing differences to enhance our life,” said Women & Hi Tech President and planning committee member, Rebecca Bormann. “It’s crazy to me that we let all the cool things about who we are separate us, when they are what should bring us together to learn and grow. We should celebrate each other and if no one else is going to, Women & Hi Tech is.” Bormann concluded by acknowledging that it is not by accident that this event will reflect the beauty of diversity in the art, music, and food provided or that it was planned as the inaugural return to in-person gatherings for the organization post-pandemic.  “We felt like our community needs this at this time.”

Women & Hi Tech 2021 Multicultural Celebration

Women & Hi Tech’s inaugural Multicultural Celebration will take place on the evening of June 9, 2021 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm (EST) at the Indiana State Museum Great Hall in downtown Indianapolis (650 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204).

The Great Hall at the Indiana State Museum is an indoor space that connects to an amazing outdoor space on the White River Canal. Inside the Great Hall, our celebration will feature culturally-diverse hors d'oeuvres and dinner, networking with other STEM professionals, and honoring the Health and Science Innovations High School STEM Summer Camp award recipients. We will also dance and enjoy festive tunes from the live band, Chamber Music.

Women & Hi Tech is also pleased to announce that a new cultural exhibit – “Response: Images and Sounds of a Movement” - will be showing in the Legacy Theatre of the Great Hall during our event.  Thanks to the Indiana State Museum and the creatives whose works are featured for our appreciation.  We are ecstatic to have these visual expressions from local artists infused into the ambiance and celebratory nature of the Multicultural Celebration at no additional charge.  To learn more, see https://www.indianamuseum.org/experiences/response-images-and-sounds-of-a-movement/

Registration for the event is $50 for members and $75 for non-members, which includes food, art, and music entertainment.  Your registration also includes two beverage tickets, including Women & Hi Tech’s signature celebration cocktail - The Juneteenth Jubilee. A cash bar will be available.

Visit our events page for more information about parking, our COVID guidelines, and how to purchase your tickets today! We can’t wait to see you there and celebrate the amazing person you are.

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