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2016 Women & Hi Tech Scholarship - Graduate

  Emily StarrEmily Starr, MS - Pharmacy, Butler University

Emily is currently pursuing an M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Butler University. She aspires to someday be part of a research team, such as those at Eli Lilly and Roche Diagnostics, focusing on medical improvements  
that significantly contribute to improving human life.

In addition to her intensive curriculum of didactic courses and thesis research, Emily is an active volunteer in the community, raising money for Riley Hospital for Children, and helping those in need whenever she can. She has been described as kind, empathetic, an asset to her school and the people around her, and top of her class with regard to motivation, integrity,  dedication, concern for others, initiative and academic promise.  

Emily regularly volunteers her time to help others. In addition to organized volunteering, such as raising money for Riley Hospital for Children, she has shown empathy, kindness, and humility in helping those around her. For example, when a fellow student’s family needed assistance caring for their paralyzed daughter while they were away for two weeks, Emily stepped up without asking for anything in return, dedicating several hours of her time each day to caring for her.  

She has consistently shown leadership, tenacity, and commitment to her studies and to generally making the world a better place. She shows dedication to her field and inspires those around her.  

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