Women & Hi Tech exists to change the landscape of women represented in STEM to be equally inclusive to all.
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Kick Off the New Year By Empowering You -- Join Our Professional Development Series!

Women & Hi Tech exists to change the landscape of women represented in STEM to be equally inclusive to all. To achieve our goal, we work to connect female STEM professionals with each other and our community in Indiana. Our members and sponsors represent a wide array of STEM fields, including life sciences, accounting, engineering, psychology, statistics, and information technology. They work as engineers, analysts, scientists, business developers, marketers, educators, and more.

While Women & Hi Tech serves those that are proficient in their technical skills, we recognize that those aren't the only skills required to achieve success. Our new professional development series will focus on the more challenging skillsets to self-identify and address.

Based on feedback from our members Women & Hi Tech has worked with Sales Coach extraordinaire Emily Shaw at Lushin to create these custom workshops. Emily trains people every day in the art of selling.

You may be asking: what does sales have to do with my role at my company? As Emily describes it, sales is nothing more than a.) decoding human behavior and b.) managing conflict. Emily brings her knowledge on these two general topics and applies them through a series created specifically for Women & Hi Tech. 

She will be covering "Personal Presence," "Negotiations," and "Getting Buy-in" while providing us tools and resources to bring these skill sets to our selling and non-selling roles.

This will be a structured set of virtual, interactive workshops that provide ongoing group training and application opportunities for small groups to work together to make big changes. We will host one virtual session a month in January, February, and March. 

Each virtual workshop will be 75 minutes and will include large group and small group breakout session discussions. Small group follow-up work will also be provided after each workshop. This will be facilitated via pre-recorded videos sent to small groups to lead the discussion and complete provided exercises on their own time. 

The objective of the workshop series is to help participants develop skills and abilities that may currently be overlooked. It is designed to take participants from awareness to knowing to skill-building applications.  

Please join us for one, two, or all three sessions! 

Session 1: Personal Presence & Branding 
Personal presence and branding elevate our credibility and differentiate us from the competition to ultimately advance our career, increase our circle of influence, and help us have a larger impact.

In this session we will focus on developing personal presence and the characteristics we can each focus on to do so.

Register now to attend on January 26th

Session 2: Negotiation

Whether it's claiming a seat at the table or getting a new process put into place, negotiating in the corporate world is an important skill. 

This session will focus on how to prepare and practice for negotiations and provide tactics for emotionally charged or high-pressure situations, including developing your negotiation mindset.

Register now to attend on February 16th

Session 3: Getting Buy-In

When we believe our organization should make a change, we may speak out convincingly about the need. Yet, no change occurs.

We will focus on why that happens and how to get better results.

Register now to attend on March 9th

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