Women & Hi Tech exists to change the landscape of women represented in STEM to be equally inclusive to all.

Past Board Members

For over 20 years, Women & Hi Tech has sought to change the landscape of women represented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to be equally inclusive to all.  Women & Hi Tech Past Board Members are individuals who have served on the Board of Directors “in good standing” during their tenure, many of which have moved on to new opportunities that continue to make an impact for women and girls in STEM nationally and internationally.  The current Board of Directors of Women & Hi Tech salutes all Past Board Members, including those listed here, who have contributed their time, talents, and treasures to this organization to make it the pillar of the Indiana STEM Community that it is today.


  • Joyce Gustafson
  • Georgia Miller

Founding & Emeritus Member

  • Jo Basey

Charter Members

  • Jamie Eicher
  • Donna Gastevich
  • Julie Nahvi
  • Suzanne Nutter
  • Sue Ream
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Cindy Royer
  • Jerrilynne Sander
  • Jennifer Scheerer

Past Presidents

  • Renee Barochagen
  • Rebecca Bormann
  • Rosanne Burge
  • Teresa Conroy-Roth
  • Gail Farnsley
  • Angela B. Freeman
  • Joyce Gustafson
  • Tonya Hanshew
  • Rebecca Hendricks
  • Jennifer Kurtz
  • Lisa Laughner
  • Darcy Lee
  • Jennifer Lewellen
  • Georgia Miller
  • Buffy Perkins
  • Deborah Pollack-Milgate
  • Sue Ream
  • Jane Richardson
  • Audrey Taylor
  • Susan Vaughn
  • Tiffany White

Past Directors

  • Barb Alder
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Bobbi Bosch
  • Lori Boyer
  • Steve Bryant
  • Wendy Burger
  • Marcus Chandler
  • Suzanne Day Baker
  • Elizabeth Dick
  • Christina Dunbar
  • Angie Engel
  • Robin Fleming
  • Elise Foley
  • Crystal Foutz-Gold
  • Christi Garcia
  • Cyndi Garrett
  • Debbie Gordon
  • Deb Hallberg
  • Natalie Harri
  • Rajinder Heir
  • Merrie Heniser
  • Erin Hervey
  • Ali Hromis
  • Bobbie LaFollette
  • Merri Beth Lavagnino
  • Kathy Layne
  • Amy Legg
  • Patsy Lentz
  • Allison Lipps
  • Wendy Maple
  • Jayne Merryman
  • Amanda McCammon
  • Crystal Morton
  • Lynn Murphy
  • Tracy Nealy
  • Carol Pendlum
  • Lucia Rusu
  • Kelly Sandstrom
  • Rory Small
  • Alexius Smith Macklin
  • Rachel St. Peter
  • Beth Strohm Lozman
  • Elyse Swoverland
  • Tiffany Trusty
  • Dolly Vestal
  • Diane Ward
  • Rhonda Winter

If you have served on the Board of Women & Hi Tech over the course of its existence and are not listed above, please submit a request to be added. Please provide your name, dates of service, and Board role(s) served during your tenure. Your name will be added to the above list when your board tenure “in good standing” is verified.

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